Sexual diversity in the Middle East

14 countries make the Middle East as we know. From those fourteen, there isn’t allowed much sexual diversity, because those countries are very religious and minded-closed, but want to be more open.

In Saudi Arabia isn’t allowed anything different from “Nature’s creation” – male with female. So in Saudi Arabia who don’t want to follow those rules will be sentenced to death, without any help from courts or other nations, because Saudi Arabia rejects any request.

In Bahrain isn’t allowed anything more than male with female. If you try to make different you would probably be sentenced to 10 years of jail. For good of lucks, they won’t sentenced you to death, but continues to be worst.

In Qatar isn’t allowed a man with another, or a woman with another. It’s against the law, and against the religion. You may be sentenced to a 5 years sentence or maybe more. Only they decide who you should love.

In Cyprus, a European Union country, you can be free to spread love and to love who you really want to and marry that person. It’s true that Middle East countries are against that, but European Union don’t allowed discriminations against Human Rights. You may suffer some bad situations as the country is trying to protect everyone that want to love their soulmate.

In UAE, the famous country of Dubai city, don’t allowed anything different from man with woman. If you try to be different you may not be sentenced to death – if you’re a lucky one – but can still be deported from the country.

In Yemen, the famous Al-Qaeda headquarters, don’t allowed anything different from their one thing – man with woman. So if you try to make it different get ready to be sentenced to death.

In Iran, that is recognised by Portugueses as a beautiful country, with hospitality and friendly citizens (information from a Portuguese journalist trip website – JN), don’t allowed anything different from “Nature’s creation”. Differences are immediately sentenced to death, and in Iran, nobody can help you.

In Iraq you may be confused and amazed, but you’re free to love who you want and share your love. The country may be in wars, but seems that in the middle of so much pain, love conquers all.

In Israel you’re totally free to love who you want because the country don’t sentenced anybody for love from 1988. You’re equally free to marry that person and that’s a new one for many people. Just only from 1993 people started finally to be able to marry their lovely ones.

In Jordan you’re free to love who you want, but not everything are good news. In that country you may have a relationship with same sex, but prepare yourself to be discriminated publicly and suffer some aggressions or badly things, because the country don’t protect anybody from discrimination.

In Kuwait you’re not free to love who you want. You have to be with the person they want you to be – man with woman. If you don’t agree and try to get your love out, prepare yourself to a sentence of 10 years in prison.

In Lebanon you’re not free to love your soulmate. You have to follow the country laws – man with woman. If you get arrested by inflicting the laws you may be sentenced to a year or more in prison.

In Oman you’re not free to love who you want. Is better for you to follow the law – man with woman. If you disrespect the laws you may be sentenced to three years in prison or more.

In Palestine you’re free and not free to love your everything – you must know the place where you are. In Gaza Strip it’s against the law masculine homosexuality and any homossexual couple could be sentenced to 10 years in prison in that territory. If you’re in

Cisjordan you’re free to love and share to the world your love. Be very careful in Palestine!

In Syria you’re not free to love the person that you’re really love, but that aren’t bad news at wall. In Rojava, or Western Kurdistan or Syrian Kurdistan (it have different names for the same place) you’re free to love who you want, because that territory isn’t controlled by Syria Government and it’s trying to be recognised as a independent nation. Be aware, because in Rojava you may suffer discrimination and violence, once that laws don’t protect homosexuality.

In Turkey you’re totally free to love, but you can’t marry the person you love and laws don’t protect you from being discriminated or from suffering aggressions in the street.

This is the diversity of sexuality in the Middle East. A territory that is trying to be open-minded, but at its own time. Without pressures from Occident or other nations.


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